About-Leuk-Collingwood-ShopCome and enjoy LËUK in beautiful downtown Collingwood. Conveniently located at 124 & 126 Hurontario Street. Lëuk & Lëuk2 has recently expanded, and now occupies 2 beautiful stores.

Lëuk was conceived from a sense of European well being, where warmth and comfort are molded into a beautiful selection of world wide unique items that weave together in a light and airy ambiance of contentment. In this atmosphere there are fabulous pieces of art and vintage artifacts from Turkey, Netherlands, France, Istanbul, Hungary and many more. You will also find rich linen bedding…lush down sofas…huge cushy pillows… and an array of exquisite lines of European clothing for every fun experience. Tulip bij Lëuk also offers fresh and unique floral creations for all your events big or small.

About Our Name

Lëuk Pronunciation:

say lake with a rounded mouth.

Lëuk Origins:


Lëuk Definitions:

  1. (nice) pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or musive, diverting, fun, providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining.
  2. (entertaining) agreeably diverting or amusing.
  3. (cunning, cute) attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness, appearance

In The Media

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Spring 2014

Leuk featured in Splurge Magazine.